Ragno’s porcelain stoneware and ceramic kitchen tiles boast functionality and aesthetics. Porcelain stoneware is a practical material that can be used in the kitchen and reproduces precious materials in high definition such as marble, stone and wood. As well as metal, brick, concrete and terracotta.

Tiles for the kitchen that are stain-resistant, anti-slip, tough and easy to clean without sacrificing taste, creativity and the latest design trends. While the material effects give the kitchen a precise style – minimal, classic, rustic or vintage –, the colours lend it personality. The mosaic and decorated or relief tiles make the walls of the kitchen genuine pieces of furniture.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and probably one of the places where the family spends the most time together. As a result, the kitchen is also one of the rooms which accumulates the most dirt, as well as being exposed to damp.

When choosing the right coverings for the kitchen, the first factor to be borne in mind is definitely the functional one, given the type of room under consideration. In fact, it is essential for the tiles used to be resistant to impacts, damp, heat and detergents. What’s more, they must not have excessive maintenance needs and they must be easy to clean and blend into the style of the home overall. Ragno ceramic and stoneware kitchen tiles meet all these requirements and combine convenience with an attractive appearance, with vast scope for personalisation.

The choice of kitchen floor and wall tiles is guided mainly by the overall architectural style of the entire home, and must suit the chosen furnishings. Therefore, it is fundamental to have access to a vast array of alternatives and combinations which can decorate the kitchen in the aesthetic taste you prefer. The color ranges available are appropriate to any style: from more neutral shades such as white, grey and beige to darker tones and on to bright hues such as orange and red. Apart from colors, interior design effects can be achieved with shapes and sizes, with the option of standard square or rectangular tiles or hexagons. Finishes can also be varied to create very sophisticated effects: for example, cement tiles for the kitchen have the uneven edges typical of hand-made products, while kitchen mosaics are ideal for constructing highlighted zones on the floor or wall.

Finishes which evoke natural materials are particularly popular in the interior design world. Stone or marble effect kitchen tiles are the ideal solution for a modern, contemporary kitchen. On the other hand, anyone who wishes to design a warm, welcoming kitchen will be delighted with wood effect tiles, which provide the appearance of parquet but without the care demands of wood.


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