Bistrot Paonazzetto: black and white patterning for projects with a forceful personality

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New material inspirations for the Ragno Bistrot marble effect collection

Glossy surfaces, tone-on-tone or contrasting veining, irregular textures and countless colour varieties: marble has always been a favourite material of the architecture and interior design world. Traditionally associated with classical, sumptuous styles, today marble effect finishes decorate even contemporary locations with elegance and refinement.

In line with the latest trends, Ragno introduces an exquisite new marble effect stoneware to join the other eight already featured in the Bistrot collection – Pietrasanta, Calacatta Michelangelo, Marfil, Infinity, Arabescato, Statuario, Emperador and Grafite. Paonazzetto, the new porcelain stoneware look, reinterprets the limestone rock quarried in the Apuan Alp basin.

Paonazzetto, is characterised by a strong contrast between the pure white background colour typical of Carrara marbles and the large charcoal-coloured veins that form a sometimes eye-catching web on the surface. From the same family as the Calacatta Renoir and Panda marbles – where dark streaks predominate – Paonazzetto has very tasteful patterning in cool shades.

These characteristics, impeccably reproduced thanks to the state-of-the-art digital technologies used, raise the collection's decorative potential to its very highest levels, ideal for anyone seeking solutions with a strong visual impact.

Its elegant, neutral pure white and black colours enable Bistrot Paonazzetto to fit perfectly into any location – bathroom, kitchen, living-room or even hotel foyer. It may be used in simple design schemes in neutral shades, where it becomes the dominant feature, or in dialogue with other material effects, such as the metal effect, which enhances the colours of its veining.

The collection range comprises 4 sizes, from the largest 75×150 cm to the smallest 30×60 cm, and 2 surfaces, one glossy – extremely shiny – and one natural – new to the Bistrot package – with technical characteristics also suitable for use in contract projects.

The offering is complemented by two types of geometrical mosaics in 30×30 cm size: the classical mosaic with square chips, produced on both natural and glossy surfaces, is offered alongside a more contemporary mosaic with irregular shapes, only available on the glossy surface. They are both also suitable for use for covering shower areas.