Classic materials meet contemporary design

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The Realstone_Travertino stoneware collection is a magnificent interpretation of two different yet complementary aesthetics, both intrinsic to natural travertine stone. A range of four colors with a rich array of sizes with natural and structured finishes is completed by mosaics, 3D structures and trims for versatile applications both indoors and outdoors.

Realstone_Travertino meets the demands of a simple, modern style or a more classic, contemporary look, always focusing on the creation of comfortable, intimate living-spaces, offering a new Minimalism with great wealth and profundity of details. Warm colors, sophisticated finishes and a tactile texture convey sensations of purity and harmony, generated by stone-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces designed to transcend fashions and shape the character of new residential and commercial locations.

Subtle transitions of tone, shade variations and vibrant veining underline a fresh interpretation of travertine stone, which provides coverings of refined simplicity, with all the immense beauty of an antique stone yet responsive to the demands of modern design that unites style and function.

The 3D Ink technology, the latest digital evolution applied to porcelain stoneware, developed in the Ragno Ceramiche laboratories, highlights all the surfaces’ natural loveliness by perfectly synchronising constantly changing patterning and structures, thanks to a state-of-the-art system combining optic recognition with precision printing. Realstone_Travertino’s aesthetic is exquisite and convincing in every tiniest detail: the shade variations and natural and structured finishes are precisely balanced on every single piece, creating surfaces rich in volume and depth.

The two Vein and Cross versions of the Realstone_Travertino collection evoke the most distinctive details of the inspiration material and remind us of the warm colors of Italian landscapes steeped in history, where nature and classical architecture combine to convey genuine impressions of great beauty.

The Cross design – available in Bianco, Beige and Noce colors – is particularly soft and compact, perfect in combination with the Canneto 3D structure, while the Vein variant, designed to give coverings a vertical vibrancy, has the typical lengthways veining created by cutting along the grain and is available in the same shades as Cross plus Titanio color. The two different patterning types are the key to versatile, original combinations, in an attractive mix & match with other surface effects and small-size wall tiles from the Ragno collections, or combined with each other for ‘total looks’ of great expressive power.

The breadth of range extends Realstone_Travertino’s application potentials, starting from the large slabs of 120×278 cm with slimline thickness of 6 mm – visually very striking and also suitable for covering durable, convenient worktops and other furnishing features that conserve their technical qualities and appearance over time – down to the 120×120, 75×150, 75×75, 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 cm sizes, all rectified with natural finish, while the structured outdoor finish with high slip resistance is available in 60×120 and 120×120 cm sizes in Cross version and in 60×120 cm size in the Vein variant.

The Ragno offering is completed by Realstone_Travertino XT20, a 20 mm thick colorbody porcelain stoneware with a compact, durable structure, available in 60×120 and 80×80 cm sizes together with a large assortment of trims. Easy to install, remove or reuse, Realstone_Travertino XT20 slabs do not require any particular maintenance, making them perfect for outdoor living projects on every scale, with a wide choice of installation methods: resting on grass, gravel and sand or glued to a screed in driveways.

Ragno Ceramiche is committed to eco-sustainable production, with a strategy that embraces the responsible use of natural resources, energy and leading-edge technologies to minimise environmental impact through the recycling of waste materials and wastewater. The company gives fundamental importance to the protection of the environment and workers’ health, in harmony with its sustainable research.

This collection holds an impressive array of environmental certifications, including Greenguard Gold, which guarantees the product’s safety in terms of low volatile organic compound emissions in indoor environments.