Decora: delightful natural scenarios

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Decorations inspired by botanical gardens, lush forests or the delicate grace of flowers feature in the new Ceramiche Ragno collection of floor and wall coverings, in a mix of constantly varied, high-performing surfaces with exclusive antibacterial properties.

Nature is the focus of the new Decora porcelain stoneware collection, with four different subjects that create highly expressive decorative patterns for use on both walls and floors, which can be combined with two neutral – Bianco and Beige – and three trendy – Blu, Terracotta and Senape – shades in the rectified 60×120 and 30×120 cm sizes.

Extremely durable, 8.5 mm thick porcelain stoneware permits plain tiles and decors to be freely alternated for modular installations, horizontal or vertical depending on the decor, and enables versatile color combinations to renew the look of residential and commercial interiors with very striking wallpaper effects, boiserie and plinths.

Decora’s floral and plant motifs, with glossy and matt finishes perfectly matched to the patterns and shades, generate sophisticated combinations both with the small sizes of the Mélange and Look collections and with the wood-effect floor tiles of other series in the catalogue, including the just-launched Ossimori.

For Ceramiche Ragno, beauty also means safety. Decora is a collection made with CleanOut Antibacterial Protection technology, which inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria, moulds and fungi on surfaces, reducing bacterial load by up to 99.9% and neutralising unpleasant smells. The exclusive silver ion treatment is integrated within the ceramic product and is constantly active even in the absence of UV radiation.

Produced from 40% recycled material, the entire porcelain stoneware wall and floor tile collection has a sustainable spirit, and is also an intrinsically eco-friendly choice, since ceramics have an extremely low environmental impact and are manufactured in accordance with all European regulations.

Choosing Decora means not only surrounding yourself with scenes from nature but also embracing a truly green lifestyle.