A stoneware bedhead

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New ideas for decorating a bedroom wall

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the home: the one that should reflect our personal tastes and make us feel “at home”. And what could be better than the bedhead wall for letting our imagination take over?

Had it ever occurred to you that a fine stoneware wall covering can create a bedhead very effectively and at minimal cost? It can feature the same theme as the floor, using the same type of stoneware to create continuity, or it can be made of different combinations. The whole wall can be covered for a striking effect, or just the lower band can be decorated, to the right height to give the impression of a bedhead.

There are many different inspirations for all tastes: we will suggest at least four styled using Ragno stoneware, follow us in this article.

Choose Fornace stoneware wall tiles for a bedroom with a very metropolitan loft look. Fornace is inspired by traditional bricks, and is perfect for re-creating the effects of a bare brick wall, with an industrial, contemporary flavour, in stoneware alone.

Realstone is the wall tile collection inspired by three stones – Quartzite, Cardoso and Jerusalem – for those in search of a tactile, very sophisticated effect. It also offers a variety of sizes from the 3D mosaic to the strip brickwork tile and the hexagon tiles.

The Rewind collection also offers a large selection of sizes, including a hexagon, but this time the inspiration material is concrete. Not just whole colour: for example, why not try the geometric decor on the hexagonal tile?

Last but not least, you can also create effects with a wood look even on the wall, perhaps even in continuity with the floor. You can try covering your bedhead wall with Woodgrace in the 25×150 size, to bring visual warmth to your bedroom with the natural shades of bleached oak parquet.