Hexagon tiles: the new way of decorating your home

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A mix of tradition and modernity with Bistrot and Rewind stoneware.

Hexagonal tiles are one of the new trends in interior design, that can create unique compositions for the walls and floors of any room in the house.

In addition to standard uses, they can be adopted to originally clad the bed headboard and to decorate the walls of shower enclosures and washbasin area, in the bathroom. On floors, also combined with other wood-effect stoneware collections, they are a creative solution to give personality to any interior.

Rewind and Bistrot are part of the Ragno collection, and offer a series of hexagonal tiles in size 21×18.2 cm, suitable both for wall covering and flooring.

Rewind updates the terracotta style traditionally used in ceramics, and gives it a modern interpretation, in line with the latest trends. Rewind hexagonal tiles are produced in neutral and dusty colours: Vanilla, Polvere, Peltro, Corda, Argilla and Tabacco are the six available shades. On top of whole colours, Rewind also offers a series of geometric and cement decorating tiles, in various colours and patterns, to ensure a wide range of creative and original compositions.
The terracotta-look stoneware can be combined with Woodplace, a wood effect stoneware, to create a strong visual impact.

Bistrot is influenced by two different materials, stone and marble. For the stone-look, Bistrot was inspired by the very changeable pattern of a Turkish stone, called Crux. The influences of the marble effect are four: Pietrasanta draws its inspiration from Carrara White marble, Calacatta Michelangelo from the most emblematic of white Italian marbles, Marfil from a beige type of Spanish marble, and Infinity from elegant Greek marble with tone-on-tone or white vein patterns. Three floral decorations are also available in this series for the Bistrot Calacatta Michelangelo, Pietrasanta and Marfil. Rewind hexagonal tiles can also be perfectly combined with Woodtale wood-look stoneware, creating compositional solutions able to add taste and style to interiors.

Let the photos in the gallery inspire you and discover the many ways in which you can decorate your home with the Bistrot and Rewind hexagonal tiles.