Ideas for a modern bathroom: neutral colours and surprising 3D textures

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A place for wellness and rediscovering the senses enriched by the Terracruda, Tactile and Resina collections.

Whether it is a few square metres in a flat or a large room with a private spa, the sensations of well-being provided by a modern bathroom are crucial: a contemporary and minimal environment, whose components come together to create a private space where you can recharge and take care of yourself.

The modern bathroom covering becomes a furnishing element, co-star and indispensable addition to the design of an essential and sophisticated contemporary style. Ragno has redesigned textures, surfaces and colours to define the bathroom’s modern look. Slightly imperfect tactile surfaces that create three-dimensional effects and relaxing, minimal matt-effect textures, guaranteeing the hygiene and practicality of large-size ceramic: these are the features of the Terracruda, Tactile and Resina collections.

The Terracruda collection features pure organic inspiration, with three-dimensional walls and raised designs, reinterpreting the tradition of materials made of clay, straw and sun-dried fibres. Natural impressions and well-being expressed through the delicate tactile sensations of the 6 mm-thick 40×120 cm size with handcraft-effect decorations and three-dimensional smooth finishes; 4 subtle, delicate colours that convey a feeling of soft, natural balance.

The Tactile collection features elegant plays of light with ‘tone-on-tone’ mosaic-effect surfaces, leaf decorations that resemble wallpaper and large-format continuous textured surfaces. The spaces are refined and the room is given depth and movement thanks to silk-effect surfaces and delicate coatings.

If you want to create new sensations by using colour in a modern bathroom, then the ideal choice is the range of colours in the new and contemporary Resina collection: pink, terracotta, ivory, slate, grey and white combined with honeycomb pattern modules and graceful mosaics produce a sense of depth and visual continuity for cosy, relaxing environments in which time is no longer a measure, but a new condition.