Industrial craftsmanship in the new Gleeze porcelain stoneware collection

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Sharp colours, super-glossy surfaces and special imperfections in a collection designed to evoke the aesthetics and craftsmanship of a handmade product.

The new Gleeze collection is a journey through the lacquers and geometric patterns of Vietnamese interiors and is a tribute to the ceramic design tradition, with intentionally unfinished textured surfaces for a craft-inspired design aesthetic experience.

The Gleeze collection, like all of the collections featured in the ‘Storie’ catalogue, is characterized by its small size and features a surprising selection of colours with a super-glossy finish, creating a stoneware product with a unique look.

Every surface has sharp and bright shades. The very bold chromatic kaleidoscope has five main colours: Bianco, Beige, Turchese, Giada and Grigio.

There are three sizes – 10×10, 7.5×20 and 5×15 – for this porcelain stoneware product characterized by a mix of smooth and 3D structures; the sizes with Eye and Egg structures feature concave and convex shapes that draw elegant ogives and eyelets with ovoidal silhouettes, enlivening vertical walls to create unique, exquisite interiors, settings in which decoration is key.

All the sizes in the Gleeze collection are modular and made with straight edges to minimize joints and for almost closed installation. Each tile is characterized by small defects specially created through manual firing of the product, which result in small changes in thickness, rust-coloured veining and prominent iron shades, slight cuts and depressions, chipping and relief imperfections, including on the glaze.

All this contributes to an “industrial craftsmanship” effect; a production process whose goal is to obtain a unique and imperfect appearance, resembling a handcrafted product made with skilled use of advanced industrial technologies.

Two seemingly contrasting aspects are therefore combined: the technological impact of modernity and a revival of the visual and tactile aspect of a handmade product.

In the Gleeze collection there is a strong desire to emphasize the product’s uniqueness for interior projects characterized by poetic imperfections with handcrafted charm, strong colours and a glossy effect, without sacrificing the most innovative technologies that provide strength, easy cleaning, water resistance, stability and colour depth.