Lovisea Floating House: a floating home on the waves of the Gulf of Finland

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An exclusive floating residence on the Finnish coast, which combines contemporary design with maritime features

We are in Loviisa, on the south-east coast of Finland, at the annual Finnish Housing Fair. The Ilkka Palinperä firm of architects was commissioned to design the interiors of the Lovisea Floating House, a floating home amidst the waters of the Gulf of Finland.

The project is inspired by the natural surroundings and the constantly changing light, as well as by old boats and ships with their exquisite aesthetic, elegance and beautifully crafted construction. The fine decorations and fabrics were chosen to create a welcoming atmosphere.

The architects aimed to create a fresh yet timeless interior design. Combining the elegance of a contemporary home with the beauty of a seagoing craft was the key to creating a unique living space.

One of Lovisea’s most distinctive features is the skillful use of materials. The choice for the first-floor bathroom was the Glacé porcelain stoneware collection in Blu Notte color, combined with a microcement.

The collection, in 7.5×20 cm size, reinterprets antique tiles from the ceramic tradition and every single piece has slight flaws and intentionally uneven edges.

For the second-floor spa and sauna area, the Palinperä firm again chose the Glacé collection, this time a paler color, Mastice, and in its Rayé 3D three-dimensional structure with wide, deep furrows that create ‘barcode” effect with alternating glossy and matt glazes, to decorate walls with depth and a wealth of color.

In particularly damp locations like the sauna, porcelain stoneware is the best material in terms of safety and efficiency as it is very resistant and easy to clean and care for.

Lovisea is much more than just a floating home: it is a harmonious blend of contemporary design and nature.

Ph. Vanessa Forstén