Monochrome textures alternate with multisensory decors in the new Papers wall tiles

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A large-size wallpaper-effect wall covering for creating striking backdrops in different decorative styles, to be matched with solid color plain tiles, for living spaces that tell your story.

Pure, absolute white is a canvas on which you can express your ideas, opening your mind to new design interpretations. With its fine blend of white and color, Papers is the Ragno Ceramiche wall covering in the large 60×180 cm size that, as its name suggests, provides an attractive wallpaper effect. This popular interior design trend never ceases to evolve, with stunning, fresh color schemes and patterning.

A semi-matt, soft-touch surface enhanced with crystalline grits which add an exquisite finishing touch to the range of multicolor, tropical and geometrical floral decorations. Five all-over patterns explore the world of hyper-decoration and provide the perfect backdrop for bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and commercial locations, combined with four plain tile colors – Bianco, Beige, Verde and Blu – and the Shanghai 3D Structure in Bianco. Versatile coverings, easily customised both in boiserie panels supporting the decors and across whole walls for a total look interior design effect.

Branch and Sun for fresh floral design schemes and Bloom for contemporary retro moods, still on a botanical theme. A return to the ‘70s with the geometrically patterned Optical Decor and total immersion in a tropical forest with the Amazonia Decor.

All produced using the Touch Technology, the Papers decors lead us into worlds shaped by the imagination, constructed using a tough material with excellent technical characteristics.

The new Touch Technology, directly applied to digital inkjet printing, enhances decors with the textured effect of glossy or matt vitreous grits, giving the product a selective three-dimensional effect that conserves the artistic-crafted air of traditional ceramics. The result is subtle relief variation, exquisite in both texture and appearance and with a very refined aesthetic.

Perfect matching between patterning and substance is achieved during printing thanks to two digital printing passes, which produce a variety of decorative effects: glossy, matt, plain or an ice effect created by uneven application of the vitreous grit. This specialist approach is able to generate infinite variations while conserving all ceramic tiles’ benefits of chemical resistance and mechanical strength, their hygienic properties and their exceptionally easy cleaning, which make them a reliable choice for any public or private location.