Porcelain stoneware enriches bedroom surfaces with colour and texture

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In recent years, porcelain stoneware has become a decorative material that is also ideal for creating a cosy bedroom area.

We are accustomed to associating porcelain stoneware and ceramic with rooms in the home which, due to their specific function, prioritize technical performance that provides resistance and durability: the bathroom, kitchen and outdoor areas.

However, the aesthetic and decorative evolution of these materials has now led to such excellent results that their role as interior design and architecture solutions is being reconsidered. They can be applied on floors or vertical surfaces – walls and even moveable or fixed furniture – even when their notable technological performance is not the top priority.

To consider a concrete example, let’s virtually travel to a bedroom in one of our houses. With our back to the door, we embrace everything before us with our gaze: a window that lets in soft natural light, a favourite blanket abandoned on one side of the bed, the pillows whose every crease expresses the pleasure of a night’s sleep. In a word – or two– all this can be summed up as domestic cosiness.

Many Ragno collections are inspired by this key phrase and feature interior solutions that convey precise tactile and emotional associations through porcelain stoneware.

If our idea of a bedroom is, for example, somewhat rooted in tradition, the Woodliving, Woodmania or Woodsense wood-effect stoneware can translate it into modern surfaces with many different impressions: the charm of time-worn materials, the soft colour variations of vein patterns, the allusion to a distant, unspoilt natural world.

The variety of sizes in the catalogue makes it possible to design textures that differ every time. For example, planks can form original decorative patterns both on the wall and the floor, focusing attention on the main elements of the room: the bed’s headboard, the wardrobe area and a corner for reading and relaxing.

The mosaics from the Boom collection, the artisan-inspired Contrasti decor and the Rewind hexagon tiles meet the need to characterize these focal points with an even more decorative mood.

Combined with a floor featuring large concrete-effect slabs chosen in the same colour shade and with a slightly retro texture, they lend the bedroom unique charm, which can be emphasized by the choice of a mix of furniture that blends vintage and modern styles. It is the perfect opportunity to dust off your grandmother’s dresser that has been lying in the attic waiting for a second chance.

In sensory terms, a bedroom area designed in this way can be even more impactful if the ceramic slabs boast a striking tactile, as well as visual, effect. So what is a concrete effect with tactile qualities if not a resin?

Ragno reinterprets the original material’s soft, waxed feel with two collections that guarantee love at first sight: Resina, presented in the large 40×120 cm size, and Patina, which alternates neutral shades and contemporary touches, dominated by Marsala and Petrolio.

If you require even more colour, you can turn to our new Mélange collection and its minute 10×10 cm pattern. The brilliance of its glaze makes it the perfect tool for creating a bed headboard from a simple square cut out on the wall or for covering a three-dimensional volume fitted with niches and shelves to replace bedside tables.