Ritual: the large-size slimline porcelain stoneware with inspiration from nature

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By simply varying the surface texture, four luminous colours evoke a deep bond with the tradition of the finest stonemasons

The beauty is in the details: in light and shade effects, in surface textures and, very often, in inspiration from nature and the materials that evoke our origins and the artisan tradition.

The Ritual ceramic collection offers a single large size and a tactile, slightly uneven surface that interprets one of the loveliest of natural materials: limestone.

Suitable only for use on walls, the 32.5 x 97.7 cm tiles are available in four subtle, natural colours with luminosity gradually varying from white to grey by way of ivory and greige, avoiding all saturated hues or touches of brighter colour.

The slimline thickness of just 6 mm is perfect for quick, precise installation even during a renovation or just a home decoration restyling.

At the same time, the large size allows the construction of a seamless surface on the wall, the joints virtually invisible thanks to the rectified edges and the vibrant, visually communicative, profoundly tactile surface of every single tile.

In Ritual, the optical effect gives a foretaste of tactile pleasure, a sensory characteristic considered more and more important in wall tile design in recent years.

In fact, it is not only appearance that builds up the image and defines the mood; several different, layered levels of meaning, all deeply interconnected, generate the overall impression and bind it into the interior design that evokes it.

The collection’s potential is extended by two types of 3D structure, which suggest different sensory experiences and narratives, in all four colour variants.

Microcut, with its straight longitudinal lines, breaks up the traditional striped decorative motif, bringing it closer in inspiration to a series of slender grooves carved into the surface of the stone.

Domino builds up an uneven pattern with the impression of a series of small, smooth or slightly rough tesserae on the large surface of the tile module, which seem to have been created by a chisel.

The Ritual collection catalogue is completed by four decors – Bouquet, Cross, Jaquard and Vanity –, available in the Bianco and Avorio colour variants – and the matching mosaic, mesh-backed in modules of 32 x 32 cm.