The soft, luminous, light concrete effect of the new Replace collection

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Two new sizes, five colours and a wide range of decors, structures and mosaics convey a modern, sophisticated concrete effect.

A concrete effect in its softest, most sophisticated, most luminous expression and two new sizes75×75 cm for floors and 25×76 cm for walls – create spaces that reveal the harmony of past and present, generating unexpected impressions and a mood of a light, natural modernity.

The new Replace collection gives substance to neutral colours in a range of five shades ranging from Bianco to Antracite, by way of subtle Grigio, Beige and Tortora. To combine them on walls and floors, breaking up continuous surfaces with surprise use of decors, mosaics and three-dimensional structures, is to rediscover the pleasure of emphasising light and shade, vertical and horizontal surfaces, solids and recesses, with perfectly balanced material textures.

Replace concrete moves out of its original, raw, unfinished, strongly industrial aesthetic into spaces for everyday living, where colour interrupts the immaculate neutral colours but without breaking the flow of the surface as a whole.

The collection, with five floor and two wall sizes as well as a large range of decors, mosaics and structures inspired by the hand-made majolica ware tradition and embracing unusual geometric effects, is completed by an outdoor solution. Indoors and outdoors dialogue to create versatile, dynamic, fluid spaces.