The Richmond floor and wall tiles are inspired by an exquisite Limestone

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Richmond provides a modern interpretation of an English stone with elegant veins which run freely through extremely natural neutral colors. The matching wall coverings extend the frontiers of design capabilities with 3D structures and decors with geometrical, floral and foliage patterns.

An aesthetic rich in details and inspired by natural tactile materials draws on an English stone in this new addition to the Ragno Ceramiche catalogue: a stone-effect collection with a soft, compact texture which, on close inspection, reveals microscopic organic fragments on its surface.

Richmond is a collection of matching floor and wall tiles inspired by the beauty of Limestone, ideal for creating indoor-outdoor spaces.

Ivory, Taupe, Musk, Carbon and Silver, five color shades produced in two rectified sizes, 100×100, 60×120 cm and 60×60 cm, available in turn in three surfaces – Natural R9, Natural R10 B and Structured R11C – to provide a convenient, extremely hard-wearing porcelain stoneware range. The assortment is completed by the hexagon chip Mosaic of 30.3×30.3 cm, available in all colors.

Richmond large slabs are manufactured with two special technologies: 3D Ink Technology and StepWise.

The first, the 3D Ink technology, is the latest digital development applied to porcelain stoneware. Specially developed in the Ragno laboratories, this innovative process enhances the ceramic material’s texture to give surfaces volume and three-dimensionality, through perfect matching between graphic patterns and 3D structures, making every single piece unique.

The StepWise technology, already featured on many Ragno series, gives structured surfaces high slip resistance while conserving a soft “feel” and easy cleaning.

However, Ragno Ceramiche’s technological know-how finds full expression in the decors of the Richmond wall coverings, manufactured entirely with the new Touch Technology which, directly applied to digital inkjet printing, enhances decors with the textured effect of glossy or matt vitreous grits, giving the product a selective three-dimensional effect that creates the typical artistic-crafted look of traditional ceramics.

Relief textures, tiny three-dimensional tone-on-tone patterns, furrows filled with sinking ink and interlocking graphic designs emphasize the character of nature-inspired decors with a minimalist spirit, such as the Panta Decor, with the stylized rib structures of banana leaves, or more romantic floral motifs, like the New Age Decor. The triangular compositions of the Geo Decor feature a striking relief chiaroscuro effect.

All three decors are available in warm or cold version, for combination with the Ivory, Taupe and Silver color plain tiles, in the new 33×100 cm size, perfectly matched with the 100×100 cm floor tiles.

The wide range also includes the Temple 3D Structure – a three-dimensional structure which imitates the high- and low-relief working of stone – and the innovative Woody 3D Structure – in Natural and Rovere shades – suitable for vertical installation as a boiserie panel, making it the most multipurpose item in the collection.

The stone effect’s versatility comes to the fore in monochrome combinations of the new 33×100 cm wall tile and the floor tile sizes, or in pairings with other Ragno products, such as the glossy-finish small sizes of the Glacé series, the wood-effect surfaces of Inedito and the marble-effect large slabs of Incanto, in a variety of interpretations which underlines the Richmond collection’s complete and utter sophistication.

The Richmond collection is also intrinsically sustainable, since it its manufactured with 40% recycled material.

Richmond had won the Muuuz International Award 2023 in the Layout, materials and coverings category.