Two opposite moods unite in Ossimori, a naturally elegant collection

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Porcelain stoneware surfaces that draw on the tradition of craftsmanship and the culture of antique woodworking, where the technological component becomes the key to exploring new stylistic meanings

Style and technology merge effortlessly in Ossimori, the new wood effect collection by Ragno Ceramiche in four delicate natural colours – Avorio, Beige, Miele and Marrone – available in the 25×150 and 20×120 cm sizes, in the 11×54 cm Chevron and in the 20×120 cm size with Outdoor surface, for large, luminous spaces that blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors in continual dialogue with the whole home.

The plank tiles are in stoneware, to minimise or eliminate the joints between them, for an even more realistic parquet look.
The Chevron tiles enable installation in a Chevron pattern with a 60° angle, an exquisite pattern that evokes an aristocratic past, for use in decidedly modern design schemes.

Ossimori’s distinctive textures are achieved with the aid of three technologies: Sublime Sync, Zero Glossy and StepWise.
The entire collection is made with the new Sublime Sync high definition digital technology, which perfectly matches patterning and structure, producing oak effect stoneware with an authentic texture in two different finishes, Naturale and Extra Matt.

The slightly glossy Naturale surface with its rich texture recreates the effect of old wooden boards which, through wear and tear and foot traffic, have lost the lustre of the waxed finish, while preserving it in less heavily used areas.

The very dull, extremely natural-looking Extra Matt surface is made with the new Zero Glossy technology, which completely eliminates the material’s reflectivity. The ceramic product’s performance is enhanced by the use of the StepWise technology, which makes the product anti-slip, while preserving a soft-feel surface which is easy to clean since it has no superficial roughness.

Suitable for various applications and intended uses, the understated colours of Ossimori are a perfect combination with the super-glossy surfaces of the small size tiles in the Sol and Look collections in the Storie series, or with the concrete effect wall coverings of Mixed, for residential or commercial interiors with a sophisticated yet enticing mood.