The warmth of wood in five new shades: Woodreal, the versatile wood-effect stoneware

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5 shades and a new range of sizes multiply the creative possibilities of Woodreal, the porcelain stoneware wood for interiors with a young, modern mood.

For anyone designing the interior of a new house, the choice of flooring is critical. It is an important furnishing element that determines the style of the interior and the perception of the rooms.

A neutral floor with a light shade enables greater personalization of furniture. A floor with an elaborate pattern or a special installation (such as herringbone) will slightly restrict furnishing possibilities in order to avoid a chaotic or excessive result.

Choosing a wood-effect stoneware floor is an excellent solution for those who want to create young, modern interiors while maintaining the warmth and style that only wood can bring, without sacrificing the practicality and resistance typical of ceramic.

The board tiles, which are narrow and long but not excessively so, feature the classic tactile effect, as well as numerous colour shades and two new sizes. They can be easily installed together to create infinite compositional possibilities.

Woodreal offers a tactile surface in 5 different colours, all with a very delicate vein, to allow the maximum creative expression and the ideal combination of the floor and style of the interior.

Beige and Bianco perfectly combine with Scandinavian-style interiors and with rooms that are not particularly large because they are bright and contribute to making the space airier; the warmer tones (Caramello, Tortora and Marrone) have a more classic appearance and are also well-suited to homes with a more traditional, or even industrial style.

The 2 sizes with different widths (10 and 13×100 cm, which come in the same box and are intended for installation together) enable the creation of original designs to achieve an effect that is lively to varying degrees depending on the size of the spaces and the desired result. The different ways of installing the board tiles, which can be laid straight and regularly with closed joints and or straight and staggered in a regular or irregular way, or diagonally in relation to the room, and the different mix of board tiles of different widths can radically change the style of the interior and the perception of the room and can give spaces a unique personality.

In the gallery, there is a series of examples of installations of the new Woodreal collection.