Cersaie 2012 - Ragno stands: lots of new products and masses of visitors!

Cersaie 2012 - Ragno stands: lots of new products and masses of visitors!

Ragno welcomes its guests in an intimate, comfortable environment. The exhibition areas are real rooms, with an intimate atmosphere, just like one’s own home.

Woodstyle is the new wood-look stoneware collection in warm, natural shades, suitable for both floors and walls, with a soft, natural texture. Landscape, a porcelain stoneware collection in a variety of modular sizes, is inspired by sandstone, with a minimal, extremely versatile surface that can be laid on either floors or walls in both residential or contract locations, in view of its excellent technical characteristics. It is produced in 2 surface finishes, natural and bushhammered, also suitable for laying outdoors.

Concept is the new slim-thickness (6 mm) bathroom wall tile in the large 32.5x97.7 size, inspired by the floor tile collection of the same name. The range of colours is truly rich, with Avio, a delicate, dusty blue, and Ruggine, a subtle, sophisticated red, the key shades. Romantique is the other slim-thickness bathroom wall tile collection and comprises 30x60 and 15x60 tiles in subtle, dusty shades inspired by the texture of a reinterpreted, reassuring, natural wood.

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