An unusual, tactile collection that stylistically reworks the effects of different materials and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

If you adore porcelain stoneware but are looking for an alternative to the familiar wood or concrete looks, Patina could be just the inspiration you need for your interior design projects. One of Ragno’s very latest collections, Patina has a ceramic surface that does not evoke the impressions of just one material, but actually evokes – depending on the degree of colour used – the tactile effects and appearancesof wax, resin, metal or terracotta.

You only have to scroll through the photo gallery to imagine this collection’s infinite stylistic interpretations, but let’s take a look at the 3 main characteristics sure to delight anyone in search of a warm, versatile, contemporary stoneware.


Patina can be used to cover both indoor floors and walls and outdoorsurfaces: also available is an extra-thick – 2 cm – size (80x80 cm) allowing dry installation on gravel, sand, grass and even on driveways.

So you can install it anywhere you wish, right through the home, playing around with the medium-large sizes (4, all rectified) and the colours available (5 neutral shades and a warm, eye-catching marsala), and then repeating the same material look in outdoor areas.


Patina provides an unusual decorative effect which goes well beyond today’s existing interior design trends, such as the wood or concrete looks. The shades available varyingly evoke the visual effect of worn resin, old terracotta rubbed smooth by time, or iridescent metal, with the aid of a waxy, silky patina which covers the ceramic surface. An unusual interior design effect, distinctive to look at and to touch.  


As well as the six solid colours, the Patina collection includes water-jet decors (with a very lovely, original version geometrically combining 2 different shades to create patterns in very modern style) and the tiny-chip mosaics, in both classical and “pop” versions, which multiply the expressive potentials.

Whether you love intimate, modern interior designs or are a firm believer in classicalor vintage style, Patina will fit attractively into every context, perfect even in renovation projects requiring new coverings to be mixed in with the existing ones.

Team it up with desaturated, dusty colours to emphasise its industrial soul, iconic design pieces to reinforce its strong personality, or metal furnishings to bring out all its iridescent variety of shade. Waxed effect stoneware will stun you with its infinite variety of aesthetic effects. 

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