Sun screens

Light and air pass through prestigious spaces

Sun screens (brise-soleil). Sun screen systems, or brise-soleil, are used in architecture to protect interiors from direct sunlight on building facades in order to reduce overheating and eliminate the undesirable greenhouse effect typical of the summer period. Ragno Project Department offers porcelain stoneware sun screen solutions integrated with the technology of the ventilated wall system to enhance the aesthetics of the facade through a harmonious interplay of full and empty volumes, in line with functional, eco-friendly design.

Ragno Project Department offers two different design solutions for the sun screen system: a fixed system and an adjustable system. In the latter it is possible to vary the inclination of the sun screen blades according to geographic and seasonal parameters and to the orientation of the building.

The sun screen system allows perfect control of the solar radiation that reaches the building in the form of light and heat, resulting in:

  • Considerable energy savings;
  • Improved living comfort;
  • Insulation against nocturnal heat loss;
  • Improved air recirculation;
  • Integration of finishes between the blank areas and the openings of the architecture;
  • Reduced maintenance operations;
  • Aesthetic enhancement of buildings thanks to the wide range of ceramic products available in the catalogue;
  • Resistance of stoneware to thermal shock and weathering;
  • Preservation over time of the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the ceramic covering.