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Our commitment to responsible management of resources

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Another key part of environmental sustainability is correct use of resources, first and foremost energy, essential in the ceramics production process. Back in 1994, we were the first company in the industry to obtain ISO 9001 certification for our quality system, later followed by ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system. Finally, in 2022, the company obtains for the plants at the Fiorano site certification of its Energy Management System according to the ISO 50001 standard.  In the same year, Marazzi Group became one of the first companies worldwide to achieve Certification under ISO 17889-1, the first international standard which assesses the sustainability of ceramic tiles by means of 38 quantitative and qualitative criteria covering all three aspects of sustainability: environmental, social and governance.

In recent years, our systems have been updated with the best energy-efficiency technologies available. The consequent reduction in energy consumption has led to a reduction in direct emissions equivalent to 14,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Thes energy savings have been confirmed by the award of white certificates, energy efficiency credits (EEC), which certify the energy saving achieved through specific measures, such as the installation of more efficient kilns.

In addition to these works are the group’s cogeneration plants which provide reductions of 15,000 t CO2/year by generating electricity and heat simultaneously, which added to the direct emissions reductions provide total CO2 savings of 29,000 tonnes per year.

A New Cogeneration Plant for the Sassuolo Production Site

In Sassuolo we have one of the most cutting-edge and environmentally sustainable porcelain stoneware tile manufacturing industry plants in the world. Thanks to the partnership of Alperia Green Future, we have completed a cogeneration system which covers the entire electricity requirement of the Regina Pacis site.

The Sassuolo system is in addition to those already running in the Casiglie and Fiorano Modenese sites.

Savings and Recovery to Reduce the Environmental Impact of all Production Processes

A major focus was placed on the environmental impact when designing our new production sites. The systems for the recovery of heat, process water and production waste allow us to reduce our environmental impact and guarantee the comfort and safety of our employees.

In order to reduce the energy consumption, we convey the heat produced by the kilns into other process phases (driers, spray-dryers) and the heating system.

All our factories also save energy by using more efficient motors to run the production lines, and through responsible management of plant activities. What’s more, the lighting systems have also been upgraded to new LED systems.