The importance of a healthy lifestyle in the company

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The health and wellbeing of the people who work for us are fundamental aspects for our operations. For this reason we have created a work environment which is attentive to everybody’s needs: thanks to specific agreements, our employees and their families can access prevention and treatment programmes, making use of the support of specialists provided directly by the company. We thus aim to promote and maintain the highest level of physical, psychological and social wellbeing of our workers and their families. We indeed believe that a healthy working environment favours the sharing of corporate values and a sense of belonging, bringing work-life balance and positive interpersonal relationships between colleagues.

Work life balance

Health and wellbeing are the result of a good work-life balance, and for this reason, in addition to the prevention and treatment initiatives, our supplementary labour contracts include a series of initiatives to aid work-life balance:

  • Ability to convert full-time positions to part-time work in order to help reconcile the management of work and life timeframes, and for employees who have to care for family members with particular conditions
  • Donation of rest and vacation time between employees, through the Banca Ore Solidale (solidarity hours-bank), to those who have to care for children requiring constant care
  • Experimentation with Smart Working for roles which can be carried out remotely in order to favour growth of a company culture based on flexibility, independence, commitment and sense of responsibility, with the goal of improving personal wellbeing, the corporate atmosphere and enhancing and exploiting skills and expertise.

Employee Wellbeing Plans

Our employees have a corporate wellbeing plan called Marazzi Card at their disposal. It offers discounts and advantageous conditions at 48 different businesses: from clothes shops to insurance, banking to car purchases, fitness to furniture, pharmacy purchases or in the bookstore, even dental care and travel.

Among the many wellbeing and support initiatives for employees are contributions to nursery school fees and childminding for before and after school for parents, personal appointments with an osteopath and nutritionist, and an extended psychological support service to families too. Since 2017, in partnership with cancer charity LILT, Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori, there has been a “Stop Smoking” plan available, led by specialists in behavioural psychology, for those who wish to give up smoking.

A spontaneous initiative from some employees led to the creation of “Mondo Insieme” in 2016, with the goal of encouraging contacts between workers looking to develop or strengthen friendships through sport, culture and travel. Because wellbeing also means quality of free time.