We share our projects

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Technical innovation and sustainable performance are two sides of the same coin, combined with our commitment to constant dialogue with trade associations and institutions. We can thus align our progress with a wider and shared policy of sustainability, and involve the communities of which we are part in our vision.

Universities and Research Institutes

We hold Marazzi Day in partnership with Unimore, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia: this is a day in the company with students from the Master’s Degree in International Management, which incorporates a visit to the plant, discussion with our managers and a lecture on the ceramics sector.

Students from the Postgraduate Course in Ceramics Technology and Business, created in partnership between the Universities of Modena – Reggio Emilia and Bologna, and the Confindustria Ceramica and Federchimica Ceramicolor trade associations, enjoy similar activities.

For graduating students in the Ceramic Materials Engineering Course, we hold lectures in marketing topics.

Ceramics of Italy for Sustainability

Ceramics of Italy for Sustainability is a strategic project promoted by Confindustria Ceramica for analysis and promotion of ESG issues linked to the production, marketing and lifecycle of ceramics.

The project involved a long phase of analysis and feedback from stakeholders in the segment, which generated values and best practices from the Italian ceramics industry in environmental, social and transparency matters. The results of the project, which is still underway, are published on the website ceramica.info.