Floor Tiles: ideas for your home

For the floor, the decision to opt for tiles rather than another solution is determined by their performance characteristics. Ceramic and porcelain stoneware are durable, tough, waterproof, stain-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean compared to natural materials – wood, marble and stone – and compared to concrete, resin, terracotta and other surfaces.

Floor tiles also require less daily attention and ordinary maintenance than delicate materials such as wood and terracotta.

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Floor tiles are not just decorative but also functional, so they must deliver performances which last over time. Ceramics and porcelain stoneware are more efficient and convenient than materials such as wood, marble, stone or terracotta. In fact, they are durable, waterproof, stain-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. Not forgetting the fact that floor tiles require less daily care and routine maintenance because they are so resistant.

The choice of a floor covering for indoor use or a paving for outdoors is not always easy. In fact, while on the one hand it is important to bear in mind the main characteristics such as slip resistance, on the other consideration must be given to the tiles’ appearance, which must match the general furnishing style.

tiled floor is the ideal solution for damp places like the bathroom and the kitchen, but it is also perfectly suited to any type of home interior, from the entrance hall to the lounge and bedroom. Although every space has its own identity, all the home’s ceramic floor coverings should harmonise and should effectively express the personality of the people who live there.

Ragno floor tiles combine the aesthetic that has shaped the history of ceramic design with contemporary taste, in a number of floor collections. They offer a vast variety of sizes, shapes, textures and, above all, colors. From the familiar black, white, grey and beige, the assortment extends to the most distinctive evocations of the looks of metal, terracotta and exposed bricks. Within the range, ceramic floor tiles which reproduce the effects of wood, stone or marble are the ideal solution for anyone who wishes to include a natural feature within a modern context.

As well as their colors, tiles’ shapes and sizes can also be used to create variety within the most vibrant rooms, such as the lounge and kitchen, or for open plan interiors and outdoor areas. The juxtaposition of small size tiles with larger tiles creates a dynamic yet harmonic visual effect, ideal for all homes aiming for fashion and design combined with the quality of ceramic or porcelain stoneware floor coverings.